Error move to ai doens't work after possess


I have 2 characters, and I want to switch control back and forth with Q.
I use possess to switch between characters and that works great. But I now want to have my small character follow my normal characters when i am controlling my normal character. When I control my small character my normal character should just stand still. This work until the point that I switch from normal to small and back to normal. Now my small character doens’t follow me anymore. And I get the following error message: Error Accessed None ‘CallFunc_CreateMoveToProxyObject_ReturnValue’ from node AI MoveTo in graph ‘EventGraph’ in blueprint Untitled

I hope someone could help me fix this problem.

AI MoveTo needs you to specify the pawn you’re moving via the “Pawn” input.

If you’re using it in an AIController; You can just use Get Controlled Pawn.

Also; Make sure if the AIMoveTo “fails”; That you just keep checking until it’s successful - This is usually due to a NavMesh being too small.