Error: Missing Event Name

Hello together,
I’m working on a Network Shooter Game based on the First Person Template.
I used this example

to build my own RCP in C++ but everytime I try to compile the code it shows “error : In WastedCharacter: Missing event name”.

can someone help please ?

I encountered the same error, and was lead here by a google search. For anyone else who ends up here - the problem for me was this:

UFUNCTION( Client, Reliable );             // <------ semicolon causes compile error
void ClientRPCFunction( int32 iInput );

Using this instead fixed it:

UFUNCTION( Client, Reliable )              // <------ removed semicolon
void ClientRPCFunction( int32 iInput );

This was happening for me with Unreal 4.5, and the error was due to following the examples on this page:

If anyone from unreal is reading this, you may want to fix that document.