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Thank you for taking the time to read this.

#1 I use creative, not the unreal engine.

Final summary: I was flagged for an image that was not in violation, it created a bug, then took the map offline and asked me to retake a questionnaire that was never an issue, then locked me out when trying to complete it.

The story

My map got flagged for a promo image, that had been approved many times, but after an appeal the sanction was lifted. So it was a mistake, however, that created a bug in my capture the flag. It no longer awarded gold upon capturing it, tested it everyday for bugs there had never been anything wrong with it.

I reached out to Epic Games for help, they suggested I republish the map, and that the appeal process was complete and I was good to move forward.

I fixed the flags, republished it, but somehow, not sure if this is relevant, but the flag condition got switched from “grant item” to “enable” which bugged the reward for running the flag, a huge component of the map.

So again, I fixed it. Then when trying to publish it, it asked me to take a questionnaire again. So I did, but then it blocked me from completing it, locked me out, and I cannot enter the map at all, or republish it to take another questionnaire.

*note - there had never been any mention of the questionnaire in the 3 weeks it had been published.

Now there is an error, I cant move forward. I was advised by Epic Games support to follow this link to pursue a resolution.

thank you for your time

Are you able to duplicate the map from the hub ?