Error message: [None] Object has overlapping UVs

I don’t really know how to explain this one. But nothing is causing this error (Literally). I’ve checked the scene, tried clicking on the error. But as I said, nothing is causing it. If you need any more information; Just ask me.

You can ignore it if you aren’t seeing any bleeding or messiness with the shadows of your meshes. You can also enable error coloring and check.

Ya import as skeletal mesh, it won’t find it. So it will default to mesh and you’ll correctly get both UV. I’m sure they are working on that bug.

Same problem here and since April till now bug is still not fixed?

Looks like I’ve got the solution in my case. Before change BSP surface properties everything was fine but when modified UV scale value from individual surface to tile material UV of BSP " object has overlapping UV’s" error appeared. So I’m just changed other face’s UV scale value too than builded map again and problem disappeared. I not sure if that the only way to solve this problem but at least its worked for me. Good luck.

This error gets thrown when you’re using baked lighting on a static mesh that has overlapping uv areas - basically it can’t generate a lightmap for UV areas that are used multiple times on a single mesh. You can either manually change the wrapping so there’s no overlap, or:

Open the static mesh editor with the offending mesh

Click “generate lightmap” option

Change the “lightmap index” to 1

Nope, it isn’t same thing we’re mention I thought. Your suggestion is fit for static meshes lightmap solution but in this case I meant BSP. BSP’s has no setting like this.

Not the answer, but possibly a cause …I got this after i deleted a mesh which did have an issue…with overlapping UV’s
Its like the object still exists somewhere…even though its been delete…