Error message for leashed camera "No Primitive..."

“Warning Movement component RotatingMovement1 must update a PrimitiveComponent, but owning actor ‘LeashedCameraBlueprint_C_1’ does not have a root PrimitiveComponent. Auto registration failed.”

So I have a leashed camera, but it falls into the floor every time I hit play and wont move. Does a camera component have to be part of the character blueprint? If that’s not it, I have no idea what’s wrong.

I believe this is because movement components expect their owning actor to have a root component which is a subclass of PrimitiveComponent. Can you show us a screenshot of your component hierarchy?

Sure thing:

Ah, I mean the actual hierarchy of components on the Components tab in blueprint.

Sure thing:

What happens if you add a BoxComponent as the root component and parent the others to it?