Error log doesn't load during crash reporter

Hello, a decent amount of the time when a big crash occurs, the crashlog does not show the error and just loads forever.

Is the error log located somewhere else on my computer that I can look at it? Or is it flat out just not being generated, making it impossible for me to see?


Hi Juice-Tin,

The process for gathering information related to a crash can, unfortunately, sometimes take a while. I have sometimes had them take over a minute to complete, but that is rare. If you click one of the Send buttons, it will still send some of the crash data to us.

If you want to look into the crash yourself, there should be information related to the crash at the end of your most recent log file.

Hey , my first crash of the day always takes a very long time. I just waited it out and it took a little over 5 minutes. The crash is from my own code so sending it won’t be as much use to you, and the log file it links (if that’s the one you mean) to doesn’t show the same detail as the reporter would.

Anyway good to know that it actually does eventually show up, I’ll just have to wait longer next time. :slight_smile: