ERROR LNK 2019 NotifyBufferFinishedHooks.AddNotify( )

Engine Version: 4.8.3

I decided to try make a custom SoundNode to use on some CUES.
But until using Nodes that already uses the NotifyBufferFinishedHooks.AddNotify( ) I still getting a 2019 link error on Compile.
I’ve included Audio.h without success, Add the “Engine” module (whose docs points as the type holder) to both Private and Public dependencies on Build.CS also doesn’t solves the trouble.

Any other tip to help me on stop compiler troubles? :confused:

Thank You

:frowning: While I think it’s a “hacky” solution, it’s a solution:

Wrote the method body “again” (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V from original code) before the node’s method that uses it.