Error link2019 cause when use this 16 function of the engine

hi, I try to use scriptplugin to generate glue function for lua, the generated code is compiled, but comfront some link error, there are about 16 functions cause error LNK2019:

int UTexture2D::Blueprint_GetSizeX(void)const

int UTexture2D::Blueprint_GetSizeY(void)const

bool UParticleSystem::ContainsEmitterType(class UClass *)

static void UKismetSystemLibrary::StackTrace(void)

void ASpotLight::SetInnerConeAngle(float)

void ASpotLight::SetOuterConeAngle(float)

void ASceneCapture2D::OnInterpToggle(bool)

void UAtmosphericFogComponent::StartPrecompute(void)

void UTimelineComponent::OnRep_Timeline(void)

class ULevelStreaming * ULevelStreaming::CreateInstance(class FString)

void ANavModifierVolume::SetAreaClass(class TSubclassOf)

void APlanarReflection::OnInterpToggle(bool)

static void UMeshVertexPainterKismetLibrary::PaintVerticesSingleColor(class UStaticMeshComponent *,struct FLinearColor const &,bool)

static void UMeshVertexPainterKismetLibrary::RemovePaintedVertices(class UStaticMeshComponent *)

static void UVisualLoggerKismetLibrary::LogText(class UObject *,class FString,class FName)

static void UVisualLoggerKismetLibrary::LogLocation(class UObject *,struct FVector,class FString,struct FLinearColor,float,class FName)

i have checked the source file of this 16 functions,they all have definition, I can’t tell the difference between this functions with the other function in the same class.
need somebody help, thanks.

i have modify the scriptplugin, it just call the target function without use Processevent