Error launch failed failed to install app

Im trying to get started with android games using the get started guide. I followed it to start the blueprint third person project with no starter content and scalabe graphics and target being mobile. problem is that once clicking on the launch drop down it fails to launch to my device.
This took almost 3hrs to build and had to compile 4700 shaders. i have no idea why and im not sure if thats just my laptop specs. i have previously built and packaged games to windows and they have taken no where near as long.
The RSA fingerprint is confirmed as I have built android apps before using android studio 2.2
is it possible that having the ordinary sdk that comes with android studio installed is causing problems with codeworks.
i have codeworks 1r6u, which is from what i can tell the latest.
also can i still build software apps using android studio if i uninstall there sdk and use on codeworks
just to be clear i am deploying a single level to android not packaging
my phone is a generic chinese phone
link text

i believe it is an issue with the device as i have packaged if successfully but still cannot deploy. It also shows a read permission error in the cmd window while installing it to android so i believe that may also be an issue