Error in the packed game because of the plugin PhysXVehicles

Hi, I create an empty project on 4.16.2, turn off all unnecessary plugins, then compile the project and get the error. Default Property warnings and errors: Error: CDO Constructor (VehicleWheel): Failed to find / Engine / EngineMeshes / Cylinder

I tried recommendations from this topic, but nothing helped.

I found out that the problem with the error disappears when I turn on the PhysXVehicles plug-in, but I do not need it and takes up an extra 49mb in the packaging game.
I do not understand that the cylinder that he can not find is present in the content of the engine, which by the way too is for some reason packed 33MB, although I have an empty scene and a folder with content, nothing is used, but there is a mistake, wtf?

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Hey man. Did you had any luck solving that? I’m with the exact same problem. I don’t use the PhysXVehicle plugin anywhere in my build, but if I remove it, it gives this error about the cylinder mesh.
I want to remove it for the same reason: it takes too much space on my final package.

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution to this problem, I’m waiting for 4.17