Error in source files build [4-27]

hello, i just finish to compile the sources files of UE4 4-27
and after 2 day of work to compile that stop with 3 errors …

someone can help me please ?

<Target Name="Build" DependsOnTargets="PrepareForNMakeBuild;ResolveReferences;GetTargetPath;$(PreNMakeBuildTarget)" Returns="$(NMakeManagedOutput)">
    <VCMessage Code="MSB8005" Type="Warning" Arguments="NMakeBuildCommandLine" Condition="'$(NMakeBuildCommandLine)'==''"/>
    <Exec Command="$(NMakeBuildCommandLine)" Condition="'$(NMakeUseOemCodePage)' == 'true' and '$(NMakeBuildCommandLine)'!=''"/>
    <Exec Command="$(NMakeBuildCommandLine)" UseUtf8Encoding="Always" StdErrEncoding="UTF-8" StdOutEncoding="UTF-8" Condition="'$(NMakeUseOemCodePage)' != 'true' and '$(NMakeBuildCommandLine)'!=''"/>

Are you trying to incorporate an external plugin into the build? It took me several days of hair pulling to get it to build with plugins.

Make sure you have all your plugins in the appropriate folders and before generating your visual studio files and opening your sln and try and build.

Sometimes you have to delete the intermediate and config folders and regenerate the studio files because it doesn’t seem to clean those up automatically. It seems it keeps the some of the old binaries and configurations when you “generate visual studio files” of course it doesnt tell you its jacked up the folders and will waste countless hours building just to get errors. This may be your case as its saying something about file paths.

i don’t have any plugin. this is the files from github.