Error in object physics?

Hello! I have an object, that should animate (Animated through sequencer) when I press the keyboard(Project Setting Input) through the box trigger. It’s a “Gate”, and when I press a keyboard button, animation works and the gate goes from the raised position to down. My problem is that I can’t walk on it after the animation is complete. I can walk on it only from the sides, but this is not a solution. I noticed that there is like invisible barrier on the gates origin/pivot point on the bottom. #UE4-27
Video Proof
Is there any way to remove this invisible barrier? Thanks!

Can you show how the collision looks like, the object hierarchy, and the script that lowers the bridge.


Can you show how the collision looks like, the object hierarchy, and the script that lowers the bridge.

I believe that is a simple box collision.

  1. Collision

  2. Hierarchy
    Not sure what is it.

3) Script

Was simply wondering how this bridge actor is made, what elements make it a bridge:

And what is being rotated here. What is the sequence rotating? Was hoping that you have a mesh + collision and forgot to rotate / attach the latter.

Perhaps it’s something else - maybe the bridge is too thick for the character to step on.

I saw the rest of the video now, so what’s up with that thing that you turn invisible?

run the game with:


You can then see what is going on in real-time. Or even start printing the names of the entities your character bumps into.

Oh so many information. Thanks. I will check and write the hierarchy later. Outside atm. But for now this invisible “plate” is just for testing. To be sure, if it’s possible to walk on a bridge from
The sides.


  1. Its just a simply cube oject that i made in Blender and reshaped it. In Unreal its just an fbx object in the scene. In World Outliner tab it called StaticMeshActor. And i animated his rotation only in - (Add level sequence). So its up when i hit play button, and animation starts to play, when i hit “E” on my keyboard. There is no problem is when i manually rotate this object close to the ground, i can walk on it, but as soon as i animate it, i can go on it only from only side. The bottom side.

Collision preset sets to BlockAddDynamics and Character Step Up On enabled.
Max Step Height makes no difference. Something still blocks the way.

I tried ShowFlag.Collision 1 in Output log and did not notice anything special. If its the right placeto check yhe entities my character bumps into.

Gate down, can walk (Manually rotated in editor)
I even made an additional road, to check if its possible to walk through
Its seems that there is only this shape invisibe wall, on the gate origin/pivot point axis.

So hard (