Error in my project after packaging for html5

Hello there,
i packaged project for html5, everything was good.
after running project main menu work just fine and after the actual game should start this error happens.
can someone please told me how to fix it?

Uncaught abort(93) at Error at jsStackTrace (blob:http://localhost:8000/a76f0cdc-4f1d-4e7a-bdf4-896b6f5830b4:1:17995) at stackTrace (blob:http://localhost:8000/a76f0cdc-4f1d-4e7a-bdf4-896b6f5830b4:1:18166) at abort (blob:http://localhost:8000/a76f0cdc-4f1d-4e7a-bdf4-896b6f5830b4:1:608118) at b93 (wasm-function[199642]:4) at __ZNK13UAssetManager22GetRedirectedAssetPathERK15FSoftObjectPath (wasm-function[93920]:114) at _af_loader_load_g (wasm-function[191302]:397) at _af_loader_load_glyph (wasm-function[191299]:301) at _af_autofitter_load_glyph (wasm-function[191297]:60) at _FT_Load_Glyph (wasm-function[191258]:466) at __ZN13FreeTypeUtils9LoadGlyphEP11FT_FaceRec_jiif (wasm-function[22464]:19) If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

it’s sounding like you only have menu assets in the package. and you may have the “actual game” not packaged in as well.

in UE 4.20 – you will need to package all maps you are planning on using together.

we are working on trying to be able to have levels broken out into smaller pakfiles.