ERROR in Insights

I want Insights to collect more data in counter panel, thus I have set ‘EXPERIMENTAL_STATSTRACE_ENABLED 1’. But when I using TRACE_STAT_INCREMENT, TRACE_STAT_DECREMENT, TRACE_STAT_ADD, the data are always incorrect in utrace file.

Take ‘Mesh Draw Calls’ for example, as following image, the data has been accumulated from beginning to the end!! But it is working properly in ue4stats.

Is there any suggestion? And looking forward to any reply!



Yes. This is quite disconcerting and I was about to post a similar question, except in my case I am trying to track STAT_ProcessedPrimitives.
All counter simply seem to increment and selecting a time slice yields very strange counts. For example if i launch STAT initiviews in game I get around 10K min-max Processed Primitives.
In Insights the number keeps growing and reaches several millions for any given time slice in the render track.
Also tried following through the STATS classes and structs, which are not the simplest to follow since collection of stats is done in packets and recorded/viewed on separate threads.