Error in EKismetCompiledStatementType documentation

Just noticed that it looks like for the table of values for EKismetCompiledStatementType, each description seems to be one row lower than it should be. For example, KCST_Assignment description is [wiring =] TargetObject->FunctionToCall(wiring). The entry above it is KCST_CallFunction which is blank. KCST_CompileError is described as TargetObject->TargetProperty = [wiring], which I imagine would be the description for KCST_Assignment.

The relevant page: EKismetCompiledStatementType | Unreal Engine Documentation

Apologies if this is not an error as I’m fairly new to custom nodes, however it seems odd to me.


Hello Hightype,

Thank you for letting us know, I have contacted our documentation team about this issue

Have a great day!

Thanks for looking into this !