Error in Default IK solver

There is a semi bug in the default Manny’s IK solver solution.

The issue is that the use of the sequencer, ABCD and that logic, is not associated with the logic of the subsequent branch. This results constant repositioning of the feet, and will destroy animations that have flips, or movement in the feet and pelvis.

You can see the issue is the branch-- if false-- only “ends” “A” of the sequence, and the rest of the BCD will still try to reposition the feet with 0.00 off set. What you (I) want is to turn it all the way off, so animations play correctly. You can achieve this logic this by moving the branch before the sequence node, as if it is false it will end before the sequence and not play BCD.

Here it is in video:
UE5 Blue Print Logic Bug in foward IK solver - YouTube

Hope this helps!