Error in Character Movement Blueprints tutorial

In this tutorial:

There is a serious error that made me (and probably 1 million others) to wast considerable time.

The Break Rotator to Make Rotator, should not link pitch (Y), but yaw (Z). My pawn would not move correctly, and I spent nearly 5 hours trying to find why, by following the tutorial perfectly, as provided by Unreal themselves, could I not more correctly.

Hi Maha Vajra,

Thanks for pointing this error out. I have submitted the following Doc correction request: [UEDOC-2800]. When this error has been corrected, you will be notified with an update to this post. Because our docs team is updating the documentation daily and publishing these updates weekly, it may take a while to before this becomes live on our site.

That kind of response makes me want to keep learning UE4. You guys, under the hood, you make lots of people happy too, you know ?! :wink: