Error in anim BP after moving asset

When you have a character with an animation blueprint linked to a , and you move this latest to another directory (and fix up the redirectors), you get the following error while opening the anim BP:
“Could not find the for Anim Blueprint ‘MyAnimBP’. Would you like to choose a new one?”.
Press Yes or No, and you get the following error:
“The Anim Blueprint could not be loaded because it’s is missing.”
… which is strange, as the has been moved inside the editor, and the anim BP should be updated accordingly!
I’m not able to specify the new path by any mean, and thus the anim BP is totally unusable!
This makes the move/rename operations totally unsafe for us!

I have the same problem. Cant seem to figure out how to replace the reference and cant retarget to a new without the original one.

Accidentally posted as an answer first, deleted and made a comment.

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for submitting this. This is a pretty strange case. After you select yes and then hit ok on the error message, can you then select UE4 in the Windows Taskbar (the Window menu on Mac) and see if there is a "Select New " window hidden behind the editor? I noticed this and it should allow you to successfully choose a new .

I have entered this odd functionality as UE-14149 because it is very deceiving that it tells you the operation failed when it throws that window up behind the editor.