Error importing a model - Model cut out while walking in

Hi guys,

I am having a problem that probably is easy to solve. I Just imported a model from 3DS Max and in difference to previous projects that I have worked, while i’m walking through the space it get cut as if would be doing a section cut just in front of me.

I would appreciate if somebody can help me. Thanks in advance.

Please have a look to the image attached.

It looks like your scale is incredibly small and it’s hitting the near clipping plane of the camera. Make sure your mesh is the correct size, 1 unit in unreal equals 1cm.

Also, for a building, make sure you split it up into sections otherwise you will not get good lighting, try to split it where things like the floor might be one mesh and walls might be split into a few different meshes, split on the corners. Otherwise you can only use one lightmap for the whole thing if it’s a single object and that won’t give enough detail.