Error Import Skeleton


Good day i tried to download free demo from MovementAnimsetPro and import Fbx file to any Mixamo character. Result is Mesh contains Hips bone as root but animation doesn’t conatian the root track.

Please can you help me to solve this issue and please send me tutorial video. Because im not professional like you :).
And what is the different of Exported InPlace and Exported RootMotion Animation?

Suggest: I hope you can add some option to easy remove this from menu.


Hi ,

The MovementAnimsetPro is created by the third party Kubold Games and Animation. Their support email is listed at the bottom of the Market Place as: Epic can not support assets create by a third party.

However, as general support I can advise you try importing one animation with “no skeleton” selected. A skeleton will be generated. Then you can link all subsequent animations to that skeletal mesh. I cannot guarantee that will work, however.

In regards to your questions between Exported InPlace and Exported Root Motion Animation: Export in place means the skeletal mesh and animations will be contained within the capsule component of the Character Blueprint whereas Exported Root Motion Animation allows the character to exit the capsule as is needed for custom scenarios as shown here: Root Motion in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Thanks… For example but can give multi weapon and default is only hand and cant fire if not equipt the weapon using blueprint code. Thanks