Error: FindRow Specified Incorrect Type for DataTable [Resolved]

When I attempted to use the FindRow function I got the following error message:

LogDataTable:Error: UDataTable::FindRow : ‘’ specified incorrect type for DataTable ‘/Game/Data/MyDataTable.MyDataTable’

Note, the reason the single quotes are empty is because I used an empty string as the ContextString in the FindRow function.

I think this is an issue with modifying structs and them being hotreloaded because after I deleted the data table and re-created it, the error did not occur. Before I did that, though, I did attempt to close out of the editor and restart it to see if that would work because it does remove the HOTRELOADED struct names, but it did not resolve this error.

I also found this issue reported here:

I deleted the data table and re-created it.

This works but it would be better to have a non-destructive solution.

If you open the table asset I noticed that “Row Type” (upper-right corner) is differently named and contains “hot**reload” words that points to possible cause. Manual file edit to change that header should do the job too.