Error file for not enough storage? (Error IS-DS01)

This is complicated but I will explain as best I can. I am using a MacBook Pro 15in, 2017.

Background info:
I use Epic Games Launcher to play Fortnite. I recently organized some files on my computer which included some of the Fortnite game and Unreal Engine files. The next time I tried to open Epic Games Launcher and play Fortnite I was prompted to install the game - this happened because the Launcher did not recognize that the game had been moved but was still downloaded. At this point in time (with the game already on my computer) I only had 25 GB of available disk space. When I tried to launch Fortnite, it started trying to install and a second later gave me the error IS-DS01 - not enough disk space. This error was, of course, accurate because the 60+ GB game would not have fit a second time onto the drive.

The ongoing issue:
I quickly realized that I had moved the game files and that I did not, in fact, need to reinstall the game. So I started by deleting all the game files and uninstalling the launcher. I also removed several other large files leaving my computer with 170+ GB of free space (more than three times the size of the game). I then reinstalled the Epic Games Launcher and attempted to download Fortnite again. When I clicked install for Fortnite in the Epic Games Launcher, the same error came up saying I still had only 25 GB of free space.

What I’ve tried:
I now suspect that a warning file was created the first time when I tried to download the game with only 25 GB of free space, a file which has a bug or for some reason was not updating when I made free space on my disk. I have used the terminal and regular expressions to remove any files with file names including any of the following words from my disk: “fortnite”, “Fortnite”, “epic”, “Epic”, “unreal”, “Unreal” and “IS-DS01”. After deleting all such files, emptying my trash can, restarting my computer, downloading Epic Games Launcher again and attempting to install Fortnite, I still got the same error saying I had 25 GB of free space and I need ~40 GB more.

Main question:
What is the name of the file that might be causing this error? If there is such a file, deleting it might reset the state for which Epic Games Launcher believes I do not have enough space. Otherwise are there any other keywords I should try searching for to find files related to Unreal Engine, Epic Games, or Fortnite?

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

The solution to this: download the game to the /user/UserNameHere path instead of the /user/shared path.

There are multiple solutions to this problem. I am sure people finding this will love it.

If you do not care about whatever game you have downloaded prior to the error then watch IS DS-01 Fix Mac .

Perhaps you have a metered internet connection so you do not want to re download it again then watch IS DS-01 No Re Download Fix Mac

Hope it helps the community.