ERROR! Failed to update workshop item (Timeout).

Hi Folks,

I need some help with the steam upload.

I cooked my file and then tried to do the upload.

ERROR! Failed to update workshop item (Timeout).

Any hints would be good.
I tried to reset the publisher and upload again. Same results.

sometimes steam goes down for 20m or so. be patient, and try again.

I tried to upload it for more than 24 hours with like 200 tries. Should I still be patient or is it OK if my paranoia kicks in now?

Roughly 9 hours ago i uploaded my 10gb map and it worked fine. Make sure the image is very small (less then 2mb) and keep the title simple aswell as description, you can always edit the desc and title once uploaded

Make sure your IMG is 256 x 256 or it wont load up…or maybe its something totally different as it seems the editor has good days and bad :slight_smile:

i use 512x512, but thats just me

Also make sure you sign out of Steam before attempting to upload. ARK uses SteamCMD to update workshop items so you could try researching that to possibly find out more.

Shouldn’t cause issues, SteamCMD will disconnect you from Steam when it logs in for the upload.
@Donewell You’re attempting to upload a map are you not? If you are, what are the size of your files? I think there’s a per-file limit, not entirely certain on that though.

Have you tried seeing if someone else can upload the mod to rule out a local issue? If you don’t have someone else with an ARK licence, stop by the Discord Server and one of the Admins or ‘Advanced’ users(vetted users showing skill in different areas of the ADK), if you want to be sure nobody rips your source, can have a try if you wish.


I have the same error, finally did you solve it?

Quite often this happens when you try to upload anything over 64mb to steam for the first upload, if you’re making a map mod you’ll have a very large mod. If you are in a country without reasonable internet speeds for uploads, steam will simply cut you off after 30-40mins quite often anyway.

I have the same error. My Mod is 300 MB…wont upload it…

Try again with a new small test mod, then add small parts of your mod to it over time.

You mean that i should seperate the mod? (eg: remove 200 MB -> upload the 100 MB -> add 100 MB more)

You should separate the mod eg remove 300mb upload 10-30mb, and then add 30-60 at a time …