[Error] Failed to Open Descriptor File: Petition to fix this error

Hello, everyone.

I just want to put it out there that each day I see more people with the “Failed to Open Descriptor File” error.

With that said, I have yet to see even an official word on this and this isn’t a new problem.

All I’m asking for is an official fix so that I can actually release games again.

There has been no legitimate solution to this problem and it’s gone on too long.

We need a fix.

~ Jason

I second this post. I too am having the problem and am behind by over a week. I really hope I can find a fix as I have tried numerous things and do not feel I can wait for an answerhub submission.

Yes please, it can’t be people can’t publish a game due to something like this!

I just thought I would throw this out there in case anybody is having the same issue as me. I fixed my problem finally by removing a space in the uproject file for the game. Having a space caused the error to happen. I am now able to open it in the root folder without the error. In the binaries I still receive the error.

Hoping this issue gets addressed soon. Thanks

+1 for that.
It seems like that many people have this problem + there are different ways to fix it, but most of them just work for a single person. :frowning:
More information:

In my experience AnswerHub bug reports are answered a heck of a lot faster and more reliably than a post in the forums.