Error Failed to enable Git source control. You need to initialize the project as a Git repository...

I was trying to setup a project to work with a github, but messed things up, so I removed .git directory as well as .gitignore file.

Now when I try to run “connect to source control” I’m getting this error:

I recall there used to be a big button in a “Source Control Login” dialog that allowed me to initialize repository, but there’s nothing there any more:

What do I need to do to clean it back to the fresh status and start anew? Get the missing button back and get rid of that error?

Hey All,

I’m having the same problem as well. I was using source control from a machine and successfully syncing to my git repo online.

when i went to my other machine and cloned the repo down into my projects folder all the files made it in there. but now i get this same problem.

i’ve tried git init and recloning it several times as well as completely removing it and and recloning it again.

im not sure what else to try and googling hasn’t brought anything up. is there something im missing?

i think you are supposed to

  1. install git
  2. add a repository to the projects folder
  3. clone the repo down to that folder
  4. git init in that folder to reinitialize it
  5. open the project and connect it to source control

whats the dealio?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

You only need to run git init the very first time when you create a project.

If you use git clone on a new machine, you dont need to run git init.

My Problem was that I specified the path in Git Path and it shows me the error Message. After reading the Plugin source I realized it is the full qualified path including the executable! For Example D:\Progs\Git\bin\git.exe

Yea, I made the same mistake except with the plastic SCM plugin… Funny how when the field asks for the path my first instinct was to enter the path. Boy silly me!