Error (Failed to compile default material) during run of 4.11 on MacOSX

in 4.11 on OS X, clean git status (no local changes), no issues building.

running always stumbles on the following:

[2015.12.17-00.45.39:840] 0]LogShaderCompilers:Warning: InstancedStereo.usf(100): error: static variables must be declared const
[2015.12.17-00.45.39:840] 0]LogShaderCompilers:Warning: Common.usf(894): warning: implicit truncation from ‘vec3’ to ‘vec2’
Fatal error: [File:/Users/sshinderman/dev/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/ShaderCompiler/ShaderCompiler.cpp] [Line: 1539]
Failed to compile default material /Engine/EngineMaterials/WorldGridMaterial.WorldGridMaterial!

since this is a default shader guessing it’s not a cache or previous build issue.
any one see something similar or know a workaround?


here’s the revision i’m at:

git log | more
commit 582b12c6a9a91e9461ae2825ee8fc832cbf3e3bd
Author: taizyd korambayil <>
Date: Wed Dec 16 16:48:52 2015 -0500

#jira UE-22952 Resaved asset that was producing Log Warnings

[CL 2805885 by taizyd korambayil in 4.11 branch]

I meet the exactly same issue when packaging the unreal sample by using OpenGL. It seems that the opengl doesn’t support that kind of ‘static’ declaration. I haven’t found any easy fix yet.