Error during cross compil Linux


I downloaded the UE4 from Github, install the toolchain Clang 4.0, launch setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat
So I launch VS2017, build the engine for Windows plateforms. I have no issues.

When I change the plateform target to Linux, I lauch the build but the build failed.
I have no really errors message, but in logs input, I have this :

C:\Program is not recognize as an internal or external command.
the file is not found

This message repeat for all libraries link (libUE4editor-UMG;so,, …)

So, what is wrong ?

In command prompt, what does the command:


… say?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toolchain Cross compiling\v9_clang-4.0.0-centos7

Looks like, for some reason, it’s being cut off at the first space.

Try copying it to C:\Toolchain, updating the LINUX_MULTIARCH_ROOT environment variable to point to C:\Toolchain, rebooting, and trying again. (GenerateProjectFiles.bat, launching VS, then trying to build the engine.)

Yes, I move the directory to C:/ and I have no error !
Thanks for help :slight_smile: