Error (crash) when importing FBX with LODs

Error (crash) when importing FBX with LODs (xxx_LOD0, xxx_LOD1). UE 4.7.6 + dx10 Gpu.
Crashes when message “Building Mesh distance fields” … crash!

Importing the LODs individually = no problem



  • -Cave_lod0
  • -Cave_lod1
  • -Cave_lod2

result = CRASHES



  • -Cave
  • -Cave_1
  • -Cave_2

result = FINE



  • -Cave_0
  • -Cave_1
  • -Cave_2

result = FINE

After the example2 or 3 are correcly imported, if I import the Example1 again, its imported right. ¿? Weird

In the oficial documentation:
If Override FullName is:
If single mesh in file - Named as %1
If multiple meshes in file and Combine Meshes is:
Enabled - Named as %1
Disabled - Named as %1_%2


2.You should now have the meshes all grouped under the LOD Group.

Hi Blackhole Bilbao,

Can you post your DxDiag along with the crash logs (project folder > saved > logs) and your call stack with your machine ID?

I’m not able to reproduce this on my end at the moment.

From your notes, just to verify, is it only crashing when you’re using the “_lod1” style naming at the end? Also, do you have a Mesh Distance Fields enabled in the project settings?

Here’s my setup for testing so far:

Using 3Ds Max

  • Create four meshes
  • Base LOD plus three lower lods
  • Named them: Mesh, Mesh_lod1, Mesh_lod2, Mesh_lod3
  • Grouped them and aligned to world origin
  • Utilities > more > level of detail
  • exported fbx
  • import fbx into UE4 with flag enabled for “import Mesh LODs”