Error connecting to Black Magic intensity Pro 4K


When trying to get media player to open a BMI Pro 4K signal, the editor returns the following error:
LogWmfMedia: Error: Failed to create capture device media source: The data specified for the media type is invalid, inconsistent, or not supported by this object.

The card is set to match the exact specs of the input signal.

We have been able to reproduce this behavior on multiple machines in a blank project.
Audio works fine, this only happens for the video stream.

Steps to reproduce:

1.On a machine with BMI Pro 4k card installed ( with latest software: Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Windows_10.9.7)
create a blank project.
2.Create Media Player, Media texture
3.Open the newly created Media Player
4.Choose BlackMagic WDM Capture from capture devices in Media Player

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The error message suggests that Windows Media Foundation does not support the capture device. You’ll have to check with the vendor whether they provide a WMF driver, and whether it requires any special WMF attributes to work.

Thank you for your answer.
We supposed it was a bug because you were mentioning adding support for BlackMagic cards a while ago.
And with the new 4.18 we thought it would work.
Is there a list with supported capture cards?
We are very interested in this feature and unfortunately there’s very little documentation on this subject.

Thank you

We haven’t tried any cards yet, only a few webcams, so there is no list, sorry.

Hi MirceaO, did you ever have any luck finding a solution to this? We are in a similar conundrum.

Thanks :smiley:

have anyone found the solution for this… running into this same problem. cant find answers