Error compiling PowerIK with UE5-Main

I am trying to start a project with ue5-main repo version of UE5 and am having trouble with the PowerIK plugin not compiling.

I have downloaded and tested it in UE5-EA2 from the launcher and the plugin compiles fine for that project but when I copy the newly compiled plugin to ue5-main version of a project I get a message that I have to recompile the plugin (though they are both UE5 I don’t quite understand why).

When I compile the plugin I get the following error (there are a number of similar errors):

'Num': is not a member of FRigBoneHierarchy '|MyProject3|F:\MyProject3\Plugins\PowerIK\Source\PowerIKRuntime\Private\PowerIK_UnrealCore.cpp

Is there any reason why the source version wouldn’t compile this plugin yet the launcer version does. I know I am trying to compile with the bleeding edge version of ue5-main… but I feel it should still compile like it does with EA2.

Thanks in advance

Sorry to bump my own thread but this is driving me crazy.
Doesn’t matter where I put the PoweIK plugin within the ue5-main source compiled engine I get the same errors…
If I put the PowerIK plugin into the UE5EA2 folder (non-source, from the laucher) then it compiles ok and I can get into the editor.

The errors with the source version of UE5 is:

Does anyone know why one works and the other doesn’t :confused:

Wow either there are no UE5 peeps around that have tried to compile PowerIK with the ue5-main branch or I am asking the wrong questions LOL.

I think now maybe ue5-main might missing a library or something to support PowerIK or something that the Launcher version of 5.0.0EA2 does have.

Can anyone tell me if the think I am at least doing this the right way, copying the plugin into the plugins folder of the compiled engine (ue5-main) and then starting up in Visual Studio 2019 so it compiles the pluing before starting the engine.

OR… am I supposed to put the plugins “source” folder somewhere and not worry about everything else in the plugins folder :confused:

Hopefully someone out there can help.

Is the Control Rig plugin installed and enabled in your project? The official guide to compiling PowerIK mentions that you need the Control Rig plugin enabled or else you may get issues very similar to the ones you seem to be getting.

@JW3153 hello, have you managed with PowerIk and git version 5.0? I have the same issue and can’t solve it.

The short answer is, it simply won’t work with 5.0 without alot of editing.
The structs/classes once used by PowerIK have been completely changed.

When you see “is not a member of” in your error list, that means that function or variable no longer exists (as a function or variable) in the class / struct referenced.

FRigBoneHierarchy (referenced by “Hierarchy”) is very much different than it was prior to UE5Main/5.0 branches, and thats just one example of some of the changes that got made internally in the UE engine source.

It “is” fixable and can be made to compile and work but it takes a fair amount of work to do so.

To the best of my knowledge (from reading bits of info here and there) is that the essential functionality of PowerIK has been merged into the core UE systems of the newer Control Rig systems. ( I might well be wrong on that and at the least… its a huge understatement)