Error compiling PowerIK with UE5-Main

I am trying to start a project with ue5-main repo version of UE5 and am having trouble with the PowerIK plugin not compiling.

I have downloaded and tested it in UE5-EA2 from the launcher and the plugin compiles fine for that project but when I copy the newly compiled plugin to ue5-main version of a project I get a message that I have to recompile the plugin (though they are both UE5 I don’t quite understand why).

When I compile the plugin I get the following error (there are a number of similar errors):

'Num': is not a member of FRigBoneHierarchy '|MyProject3|F:\MyProject3\Plugins\PowerIK\Source\PowerIKRuntime\Private\PowerIK_UnrealCore.cpp

Is there any reason why the source version wouldn’t compile this plugin yet the launcer version does. I know I am trying to compile with the bleeding edge version of ue5-main… but I feel it should still compile like it does with EA2.

Thanks in advance

Sorry to bump my own thread but this is driving me crazy.
Doesn’t matter where I put the PoweIK plugin within the ue5-main source compiled engine I get the same errors…
If I put the PowerIK plugin into the UE5EA2 folder (non-source, from the laucher) then it compiles ok and I can get into the editor.

The errors with the source version of UE5 is:

Does anyone know why one works and the other doesn’t :confused:

Wow either there are no UE5 peeps around that have tried to compile PowerIK with the ue5-main branch or I am asking the wrong questions LOL.

I think now maybe ue5-main might missing a library or something to support PowerIK or something that the Launcher version of 5.0.0EA2 does have.

Can anyone tell me if the think I am at least doing this the right way, copying the plugin into the plugins folder of the compiled engine (ue5-main) and then starting up in Visual Studio 2019 so it compiles the pluing before starting the engine.

OR… am I supposed to put the plugins “source” folder somewhere and not worry about everything else in the plugins folder :confused:

Hopefully someone out there can help.