Error Code R-1638


First, I apologize for my English is bad enough …
I’m new in the community of Unreal Engine and I have a problem when installing Unreal Engine 4.10.2. I run the installation, everything goes well, but when I get to the verification it shows me the following error code:

"Installation Failed.
The necessary prerequisites have failed to install. Error Code R-1638.
Please ensure that your operating system is current or consult our troubleshooting guide for details. "

How do I take to address this problem, given that I have not understood what is this error?

Thank you for your understanding.

Try answerhub before posting on forum :slight_smile:

Live and learn :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello! And welcome to the community! :smiley:

I hope this link helps you! 4.10 installation failed with error R-1638 - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

Also, if it doesn’t what is your PC’s OS and specs?

EDIT: So close… So close… :slight_smile: