Error Code E70-0 in Learn Section

This isn’t a question, but since I haven’t been able to find anything regarding this error I thought I’d post what I found out about it… or think I found out about it.

Every time I tried to grab the Example Content or anything Free in the Learning section, I was getting a Product Activation Error Code: E70-0. No posts had this answered and Google searches pulled up several other codes, but not this one.

After doing some digging, I found that if I went to Manage Account via the launcher and selected the Billing or Transactions sections it showed a Maintenance Mode error so I can only conclude that this is why I’m getting the E70-0 error currently. (took me about an hour or so of digging so I’m hoping this is the reason). If this turns out not to be the reason, I’ll post an update to this Question.

Hello! If you are using PeerBlock consider turning it off. It worked for me.,