Error code 5 - Couldn't find debug.apk

Hi guys, we are working on an android app, but each time we try to import contents from another projects by migrating the content folder, we get an error code 5 linking to a debug.apk that could not be find. Some screens of the log are attached. We tried reinstalling codeworks and unreal, that didn’t change. The only way we found to be able to package again was to start from scratch again…Quite annoying, so do you have an idea how to deal with this?

the same problem I can not solve the 2nd day …
developers - do have a normal assembly Android !!!

try deleting these folders from you project folder: Intermediate, Build, Saved, and Binaries. UE4 will recreate the necessary files, although you’ll likely have to make a new .keystore. Worked for me on one of my projects.

I really need to see the text logs; important information is cut off in the screenshots. It would be best to post to AnswerHub with the full log, but based on what I can see, this is either a problem with old data in Intermediate/Android in the project directory or android version issue. Did you use the CodeWorks for Android installer in Engine/Extras/AndroidWorks?

I have exact the same problem. UE can’t find debug.APK.
How does one make one??
I signed my key and set it up for shipping but still can’t package because of the debug file missing.

The error about missing APK just means it failed to create it so there was an error. You need to look above it in the log. Also, shipping builds for distribution should be creating a release APK, not debug.