Error code 5 - Couldn't find debug.apk

Hi guys, we are working on an android app, but each time we try to import contents from another projects by migrating the content folder, we get an error code 5 linking to a debug.apk that could not be find. Some screens of the log are attached. We tried reinstalling codeworks and unreal, that didn’t change. The only way we found to be able to package again was to start from scratch again…Quite annoying, so do you have an idea how to deal with this?


Could you please delete your Intermediate and Saved folder from your project, make sure that you’re moving over all content associated with the content you’re migrating. Once you’ve done that, please try to package again. If that doesn’t work, please upload full error output logs as a .txt file.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to wait for an answer, so we started again from a working back-up. We do not have access anymore to the problematic projects. I’ll let you know if it goes crazy again.

Ok, that is fine. Let us know if we can help in the future.