Error Code 32 Visual Studio and Intellisense


Since about 2 weeks ago I am getting this error when I compile projects with 4.12, and its now at a point where its impossible to work with it:

UnrealHeaderTool/Saved/Logs/UnrealHeaderTool_29.log (Error Code 32)

After I build again the error goes away but comes back each time I change code and build again.

After that I downloaded newest version 4.12.5 from Github the problem is still there. This happens with different kind of projects which are upgraded or non upgraded from previous versions of Unreal Engine. Also I tried updating visual studio, which didnt help.

Also in packaged builds each time it creates not one log for each session but like 20 files, with 19 of them beeing empty.

On Top of that Intellisense doesnt work anymore in some project or is extremly slow compared to before. Also putting /Yu as additional options for intellisense doesnt speed things up.

Thanks for any help!

Here is the complete error log

link text

Edit: It seams that this is happening only with the github version of 4.12.5 and not with launcher version. Maybe something in build process on my pc went wrong. I will download 4.12.5 again and test.

After downloading 4.12.5 again from Github and Repairing Visual Studio this error seams to be gone for now, will reopen this when it happens again.