Error code 2755 strike back!

Hi everyone!

I think it’s my first post on a forum EVER so 2 things:

1: It means that I really need help since I’m usually always getting a way to make tings work, but with no avail this time.

2: It also means that I’ve double check a bunch of stuff concerning that issue before the need of an external help. Feel free to ask specific question, devil hide behind details…

Here we go!

My goal was to install “ARK DEV KIT” (epic game luncher) to see what’s all about. Exactly from there :

Then, need to install that thing. Just double click and Voi… Oh wait, they said “Impossible to open the device or specific file” translate form original message “Impossible d’ouvrir le périphérique ou le fichier spécifié.”

… well, what are my choice? “retry” or “cancel”… obviously, retry could be something I would still be clicking on until tomorrow and nothing would happen.

So “cancel” give me that message: “The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2755.”


So step one: Forum, Google, etc…


It could be related to the missing “Installer” folder into c\Windows… I will create it!

I can’t create it since I don’t have the autorisation… Get It! So I kick Trusted Installer’s *** and became all powerful about “Windows” folder (Authority to put the folder to read/write and other etc…)

So now, I WILL create “Installer” folder and p… wait, where did it goes? he dissapear?? Right after creating the “Installer” folder in “Windows” folder, it automatically dissapear…

STEP TWO : Forum, Google, etc…


“Installer” folder is most likely a hidden folder… Hide & seek Time!

After a lot of wasted time, found it! So I can see the Installer folder. It is there. Then, I’ll try again to install it.

Same error code…:frowning:

I am clueless. Any help would be appreciate to that point.
Note that my path to install it is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games” wich is the default one, changing it by adding myself an “Epic Games” folder result in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Epic Games” instead and lead to another wierd error : The path can’t be longer than 32 caracter…

Also, changing the path to something else (other drive or not) and that respect the “less than 32 caract.” prerequisite give the error code 2755 again.

Hope you guys can figure something out of all this. I’m counting on you!

Do you have 150gb of free space on your C: drive? The installer requires 75gb and then every patch release it needs an entire 75gb of free space, don’t ask me why it’s ridiculous and silly.

I would say install it onto a non system drive like c:

I don’t know about the longer then 32 characters issue that was a fat16 bygone error problem from the arch ages. But I’ve just installed mine to e:\adk_ue4\arkdevkit\

My suggestion is simply delete the folder and data that was put into your windows directory, and forget that area of your computer exists, install it onto another hard drive that you will always have over 75gb free space AFTER you install the 75gb ADK on it.