Error Code 0xc0000007b

Hello, I have been trying to make Unreal 4 work during this entire day with no luck, I already checked how to fix it in one of the threads in the forum, although I did everything step by step it did not work, the dependency did not work either when I try to run with the cmd.exe…I am very much of a begginer on this cmd thing so maybe I am doing something wrong but I tried 3 times and still nothing…

My windows version is 86x and windows 8,

Thank you for your time!

Hey Ilona_Reitsma,

UE4 is not supported on 32 bit systems (that’s what x86 refers to). If you’re trying to build the engine from GitHub, then you will not be able to. You may be able to install the engine using the launcher, but since it’s not officially supported, it may not perform optimally.