Error CDO Constructor (Groom component)

Hi I am getting an error when opening my packaged project
Not really sure what is causing it , I am not using the component in question and I did not change anything related to that component

I went toc heck and all the materials that are “missing” are inside the correct folder , what can be causing this?

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Manage to fix it by desabling the Plugin restart , Active it again and restarting

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what plugin did you disabled i have the same erorr?

edit: i disabled the plugin Groom and it worked ty

Screenshot 2022-06-19 202853

The Groom component plugin


Hi, I’m experiencing this with 5.0.2… and looks like I can’t disable the “Groom” plugin. When I try, I do also have to disable about half a dozen other plugins that depend on it (eg. ChaosEditor, MeshLODToolset, MeshModellingToolset…). If I do so, next time I try to launch the project the editor quits just after getting to “100%” loading, saying there are issues in either my OS or in a plugin mismatch between editor and project.

I did try to include the required directory in my “Asset Directory to Package” in the Packaging settings, but to no avail – still get the Failed to find error.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Aaaand I finally fixed this.

Kudos and infinite thanks to @fredrik_lonn that pointed me to the solution in this post.

Long story short, add this in the Plugin section of your main .uproject:

			"Name": "HairStrands",
			"Enabled": true




For me I had recently enabled the beta plugin “Static Mesh Editor Modeling” and then in the packaged build this error showed even though like the OP I wasn’t even using hair modeling or the GroomComponent. This plugin seemed to depend on the Groom plugin and cause the error. I disabled “Static Mesh Editor Modeling” plugin (didn’t need to disable the Groom plugin explicitly and didn’t want to as the Chaos editor plugin depends on this) and restarted and did a fresh build and the problem went away.


For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to do packaged builds often and test them so it is easier to track down these problems. If I had waited a long time to do another build I may not have caught the root cause easily. In my case, I ended up doing the editing in Blender which is a better tool for this anyways so the plugin was a holdover from a previous commit.

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