Error C3861 :'check' : identifier not found when including "PostProcessComponent.h"

I introduced a header file which named “PostProcessComponent.h” in my c++ code.
Then whenever I add a new c++ class, it will fail to compile.
VS2015 shows the error message " Interface_PostProcessVolumn.h(31) :error C3861 : ‘check’ : identifier not found."

I found a solution that is not very good :

#define check(expr)				{ if(UNLIKELY(!(expr))) { FDebug::LogAssertFailedMessage( #expr, __FILE__, __LINE__, TEXT("") ); _DebugBreakAndPromptForRemote(); FDebug::AssertFailed( #expr, __FILE__, __LINE__ ); CA_ASSUME(false); } }
#include "Components/PostProcessComponent.h"

Is there a better solution?