Error C2665 with FJsonSerializer::Deserialize(JsonReader, JsonObject);

Hi, I trying to deserialize some Json get from http request
but when I compile I get this error :

error C2665:
‘FJsonSerializer::Deserialize’ : none
of the 3 overloads could convert all
the argument types

this is my code :

UQuizQuestion *UquizAPI::retrieveQuestion() {
	UQuizQuestion *question = NewObject<UQuizQuestion>();
	TArray<FHTTPParam> params;

	this->httpMgr->TransmitRequest("", "retrieve", params);

	TSharedPtr<FJsonObject> JsonObject = MakeShareable(new FJsonObject());
	TSharedRef<FJsonStringReader> JsonReader = FJsonStringReader::Create(this->httpMgr->Response);

	FJsonSerializer::Deserialize(JsonReader, JsonObject);
	if (JsonObject.IsValid()) {
	return question;

Json.h is include in the header of the class UquizAPI

any Idea why I’m getting that error

nevermind I solved it with that :

TSharedPtr<FJsonObject> JsonObject = MakeShareable(new FJsonObject());
	TSharedRef<TJsonReader<TCHAR>> JsonReader = TJsonReaderFactory<TCHAR>::Create(this->httpMgr->Response);