Error building project after cloning from github

Hello, my name is Cort. I am currently developing a game with a small team and am having trouble with the project after I have cloned to my local drive.

So far, I have pushed a basic project to github using Githubs (.gitignore) template for Unreal Engine. Problem is when my team clones the repository they get an error

Error: The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version UE4Editor-projectname.dll
Would you like to rebuild them now?
Another error occurs after,
projectname could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.

What is strange is that on my machine I cloned the project again, built it, and it worked perfectly. I’ve done the same on my laptop.

In the past, about a month or so ago, I noticed that a bunch of libraries and dll’s get built when c++ files are added to the project and compiled. I am unsure if that has anything to do with this, but creating a new project and transferring everything over is not an acceptable solution. I know the answer is out there, and I’ve looked, but I don’t have enough time to search the internet for the answers.

If anyone has a hint of information to share about this problem, I’d be glad to listen.

First of all, from the dll name, your project is named “projectname”? Maybe change that :wink:
Usually, if you build the Editor dll and submit that via github to your team (dll is found in the Binaries folder), your team should be able to open your project. Maybe build the development config from Visual Studio for good measure and hand these dlls to your team? So make sure you transfer the dlls (in the Binaries-folder to github/your team) Are you already doing so? I have no clue what is in the .gitIgnore template you are mentioning