Error Build - Swarm Agent

Hello people,

You could help me, I’m pretty frustrated.

It may seem silly but I’ve been trying to find the solution for 1 day and believe me, I searched a lot and did not find it.

Sorry for the mistakes but I do not totally master English.

I’m a beginner and I’m doing a course in game design, I’m actually Mainframe analyst.

In my first exercise when adding a wait in a project that I just created unreal informs that it is necessary to carry out the procedure below

LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT (1 unbuilt object (s)))

When clicking BUILD the program freezes the screen:

Build Status
0:02 Building texture streaming (40%)

I noticed that the Swarm Agent application is in systray with the following error:

23:28:19: Starting up SwarmAgent ...
23:28:19: ... registering SwarmAgent with remoting service
23:28:19: ... registering SwarmAgent network channels
23:28:19: ... initializing SwarmAgent
23:28:19: [ERROR] Local agent failed to initialize with an IPC channel! Falling back to TCP ...
23:28:19: [ERROR] Local agent failed to initialize with a TCP channel! Fatal error.

You can help me, I’m not doing anything too much.
I created a blank project, I added a sphere (Modes) and I can not click Build.

Help me please, I need not only solve but understand why this occurs to walk with my own legs in possible problems next.

Thanks in advance.

Post this for future people:
This might be specific to my company’s network but, for me, Webex Teams (which is like Slack) was the culprit. I think they are trying to use the same TCP port or something. I installed and uninstalled Webex Teams multiple times and was able to recreate this issue multiple times. I removed Webex Teams and that fixed the issue.
If you have a Slack-like IM program, try uninstalling that.