Error box scaled non uniformly collision mesh will fail

Im not sure if the title is word for word what the error message said but its super close.Basically i made a level out of the default cube in the content browser,basically i made it much longer on one plane(so i scaled it non uniformly)
This messed up the collision mesh but when i look at its properties i cannot find the collision mesh options at all.
I would like to update them to the new size allowing it to work in the final game and so i don’t get the error message.
Right now in the test game runs it works fine but the error is telling me the mesh will fail so how do i fix the mesh ?

Also i have set a rotation for the cube using blueprint.

besides some basic texturing this is the final issue for my game in terms of level design.
anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

made a box brush volume of the right size made it a movable asset and converted it to a static mesh allowing me to make a custom collision mesh.