error at startup: invalid vector subscript

Hi all,

I’ve been working on adding a fixedwing aircraft to Microsoft’s airsim, an unmanned vehicle simulator built principally as a plugin (AirLib) to UE4. As I have continued to expand the project I have come into an error thrown by

error at startup: invalid vector subscript

, I have described the error on this issue and links are included to the fork of my repository (yet to be merged back to micorosoft/airsim-master). When I accept the error message, by clicking ok, I am returned to the editor and have an error image as shown here.

Has anyone experienced this error before, any advice on debugging this type of issue would also be really useful. I have been trying to set breakpoints and look at the call-stack and locals in visual studio but I can’t see any obvious positions where the error is coming from. I am quite often met with this symbols error message, is this something anyone on here knows a work around to I’ve tried pressing load but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.