[Error] ARK - No Real Sky - What´s the problem?

Hey Guys,
I have a little problem with my map, I tried some things to fix it, but nothing works…
First I tried to copy the complete Level Blueprint from TheIsland, there was a lot of errors…
Then I deleted all weather and other things and let only the true-sky in it, after this part I edited the warnings, but it won´t work…

Anyone knows what´s the problem?

Look by yourself:


no one have an idea?

you haven’t setup the proper refrences in your matinee’s

Hmmm, I’m having a similar problem currently with my map as well. Mine is slightly different though.

There is more to the Truesky’s level blueprints than that, which is probably why you are having this issue. See the screenshot below as a reference to what else you are missing, and I believe that will fix the issue :smiley:

Edit: As Uzumi stated as well, you should make sure the references are properly setup in your matinee’s in addition to ensuring you have all the blueprints needed for truesky in your level blueprint.

thanks, but find out by myself, whats the problem^^

Give this THREADa read Killer if your still having issues :slight_smile:

so what was the solution?