Error and Help run in html5

ì have search on internet how to run using HTML5, i started the “HTML5LaunchHelper” file for the Localhost, i type: http://localhost:8000/ and clicked on “HortoVirtual12-HTML5-Shipping.html”. And then returned this error:

Uncaught abort("Cannot enlarge memory arrays. Either (1) compile with -s TOTAL_MEMORY=X with X higher than the current value 536870912, (2) compile with -s ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH=1 which adjusts the size at runtime but prevents some optimizations, (3) set Module.TOTAL_MEMORY to a higher value before the program runs, or if you want malloc to return NULL (0) instead of this abort, compile with -s ABORTING_MALLOC=0 ") at Error
at jsStackTrace (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:1:50780)
at stackTrace (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:1:50963)
at abort (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:57:48288)
at abortOnCannotGrowMemory (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:1:51323)
at enlargeMemory (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:1:51768)
at Object.dynamicAlloc (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:1:36249)
at Object.getMemory (blob:http://localhost:8000/18e5ca32-1b39-4f44-ba7e-44e944c6252c:1:42408)
at processPackageData (blob:http://localhost:8000/2f3b9dc0-8eb6-4032-87a6-b0de3cf77afb:148:38)
at blob:http://localhost:8000/2f3b9dc0-8eb6-4032-87a6-b0de3cf77afb:84:11
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (blob:http://localhost:8000/2f3b9dc0-8eb6-4032-87a6-b0de3cf77afb:72:9)
If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

I think the problem is the memory alocated, something like that. I´ve tried to optimize my game, i don´t know how exactly i should do a how to efficiently optime.

Another thing is that i don´t know how to put my game online, that allows people to run the game when searched in a especific website.

Sorry my bad english.

Thanks for attention.


The game runs out of allocatable memory.
32 bit browser can only allocate 512 MB of memory, either use a 64bit browser or optimize some more :slight_smile:

Sadly the unreal docs about HTML5 optimizations are pretty nonexistant at the moment.

All you need to do to run it on a website is upload the files and open the html file.
No need to upload the .exe file or .command file, also some files have an uncompressed version and a compressed version (.jsgz .datagz .memgz .symbolsgz) you only need to upload the compressed versions.