Error after starting packaged project

I get this error when I try to start the game:

[2015.10.06-17.15.43:280]  0]LogObj: 27642 objects as part of root set at end of initial load.
[2015.10.06-17.15.43:280]  0]LogObj: 340 objects are not in the root set, but can never be destroyed because they are in the DisregardForGC set.
[2015.10.06-17.15.43:280]  0]LogUObjectAllocator:Warning: 5823248 Exceeds size of permanent object pool 1048576, please tune SizeOfPermanentObjectPool.
[2015.10.06-17.15.43:280]  0]LogExit: Preparing to exit.

I created a fresh project in 4.9.2 downloaded the newest version of ShooterGame and packaged it after it finished loading everything.

I had this exact same problem in 4.10.2. Didn’t really look deep into it (i.e. debug it properly w/ source), but just stepped a bit in the disasm. Turned out to be related to Steam and if I turn off my Steam client the game runs. (and then I get some Steam related warnings in the log).

Realize this is not really a ‘solution’ but just wanted to pass this on.