Error Accessed None

EDIT: - YouTube a quick video

I have tried to check if there are any bullets in my weapon blueprint, but every time it returns the variables I have in my weapon blueprint as empty.

I think it is related also to this error:

The pointer variable “Equipted Weapon” is null when using it. That is forbidden! Use an “IsValid” node for all your pointers before actually using them.
This is basic C (not even C++). If you don’t understand what i’m talking about, watch this video of me:

Ok I understand now, but in the BP_Character I have set EquippedWeapon to be a reference to BP_Weapon_AK74.
Doesn’t that mean it’s not null and is valid, because when I try to verify with IsValid it returns it is not valid :confused:
I can put my entire project in .rar and send it to you to check :confused:

You will get non valid on null too, as null is a soecific adress (zero) which points to unallocated memoery which is not valid. Which means most likely means one of object varables is not set

If you can send me the link for download the project on skype, i will take a look.