Error - accessed none trying to read property

New to this development platform, have previous programming experience.

Installed yesterday, got something up and running, eventually, saved everything then exited and put the PC to sleep last night.

Got back into it the next day, haven’t changed anything, then when attempting to click on Play (in the editor mode) suddenly it can’t find a variable with the error message “accessed none trying to read property”

Any ideas as to why this error would just suddenly appear out of nowhere?


When you get that error, click on the last word on the right-hand end, it will take you to the error node. Even if you think your code is ok, apparently not… :wink:

i dont know why this was happening, i binned everything and started over to fix it.

Access none usually means the actor/obj/variable is empty. Throw an IS VALID in there before attempt to use/read. Take the fail and pipe it to a print string.