Error 0xc000007b on packaged project for shipping

I build a project to shipping but it has some problems…

When execute the game in other computers it shows an error 0xc000007b or ask for missing dll XAOFX1_5.dll and X3DAudio1_7.dll

On project settings “project-packaging” are checked
build configuration: shipping

  • full rebuild
  • for distribution
  • use pak file
  • include prerequisites

How can I make a build without this errors?


the key is here “When execute the game in other computers”, have in mind that not all computers have the pre-requisites to play the game, Directx for example is a basic pre-requisite that maybe is not installed, your game is basically asking for dlls that windows don’t have, there are hundreds of things that may cause this error “0xc000007b” and there are hundreds of videos tutorials showing different ways to try to fix this problem and sometimes they work sometimes they don’t, this usually happens a lot on windows and unfortunately for different reasons, try to install directx 9 and directx 11 in the computer you want to make your tests, usually it’s the main reason to this error.